The Aeronautical Sector

With over 10 billion euros, over 180,000 employees throughout the supply chain, and almost 100% export for its civil products, the Italian aeronautical industry operates in a global market and overall is fourth in Europe and seventh in the world in size, with leadership positions in civil helicopters, regional aircraft, and propulsion.
Italian companies, universities, and research centers actively participate in European research programs within Horizon 2020, and soon Horizon Europe, as well as in national and regional programs, whose objectives for aeronautics are sustainability, eco-compatibility, and digitization.
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The sector is among the most affected by Covid-19, with negative repercussions especially for SMEs, flexible and dynamic companies but, in this phase, in difficulty due to their limited size, capitalization, and structure. In the first nine months of 2020, global deliveries of new products registered a strong decline in all segments and applications, as did the demand for maintenance services.
The prospects for returning to pre-pandemic levels now target 2024-2025, and it is estimated that in the decade a turnover loss of 23% compared to pre-Covid forecasts will accumulate.
In the immediate future, companies reacted to Covid-19 with smart working (where possible), furlough, production diversification, and financial strategies (investment review, collection/payment times, etc.).

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To cope with the emergency, companies – especially SMEs – are in immediate need of sectoral measures, such as incentives and public procurement for off-the-shelf goods, together with others of a general nature, including reducing the tax burden and labour costs, access to credit, streamlining regulations and procedures, facilitating investments in sustainability, and incentives for aggregations, mergers and concentrations of SMEs.

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