Niche SRL is an innovative startup founded in September 2021 by founding partners who are experts in the analysis of international markets.
Our goal is to help SMEs finance innovation, promote their products in the international landscape, analyze their target market, and organize innovation within the company by exploiting the potential of new technologies, particularly blockchain in the B2B market.
Thanks to our knowledge in the financial and technological fields, we help companies use financial incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve long-lasting successful objectives. We are experts in financing innovation.
We offer integrated consulting on technological innovation, digital transformation, investments, and ecological transition, with the goal of supporting companies in their growth journey. Our aim is to support organizations in achieving their sustainable development objectives, in a constantly evolving context.

We support the industrial development of our country by offering consulting to companies and tailored growth projects.

finanziamento dell'innovazione

Why Choose Us

We are constantly in search of technologies and methodologies to improve our service.
Your success is our value, which is why we support the client in all phases of the project.
Team of Experts
We approach each project by choosing the best available expertise.
We create concrete projects that bring achievable and tangible results to the client.
Every project for us is a learning opportunity that brings new skills and knowledge.

The qualified skills of our team are always at the service of the client.

Do you want to embark on a path of sustainable corporate growth?

Our Mission

Niche supports companies in development projects driven by research, development, and innovation so that their business growth plans are successful.
Our working method allows us to offer a sustainable long-term growth path to contexts of any size, from startups to large structured companies.

Our skills

Finance 80%
Technology innovation 75%
Corporate Development 63%
Energy and environment 50%

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