The Mechanical Sector

In 2020, the Italian machine tool, robot, and automation construction industry recorded a sharp decline in all the main economic indicators. Despite this, it managed to maintain the positions acquired in the international sector rankings, where it confirmed itself as fourth among producers and exporters, and fifth in the consumer countries ranking, confirming the importance of the Italian market in the international scenario. The first half of 2021 was decidedly different, confirming the recovery of activity both in Italy and abroad, as shown by the data on the order index for the first half of 2021 and as evidenced by the forecasts for the end of the year.
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Severely tested by the health crisis that broke out in the early months of the year, the Italian sectoral industry in 2020 saw a heavy setback for all the main economic indicators. According to the final data processed by the Ucimu Center for Studies & Business Culture, in 2020, the production of machine tools, robots, and automation stood at 5.182 billion euros, recording a 20.4% decrease compared to 2019. The result was determined both by the reduction in deliveries by manufacturers to the domestic market, which fell by 20.3%, to 2.321 billion, and by the decrease in exports, which stood at 2.861 billion euros, 20.5% less than the previous year. In 2020, the main markets for Italian supply were: the United States (374 million, -11.3%), Germany (289 million, -23.1%), China (224 million, -26.1%), France (158 million, -32.2%), Poland (143 million, -17.2%), Russia (100 million, -16%), Spain (95 million, -34.1%). In 2020, Italian consumption of machine tools collapsed by 26.6%, to 3.561 billion euros, continuing the negative trend that began in 2019.

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Despite the not encouraging sector data for 2020 due to the pandemic, the mechanical sector is regaining confidence and Italian companies are looking for new technologies as the driver to restart. Technological innovation combined with new digital tools are progressively flanking and replacing traditional production systems, initiating the evolution towards “Mechanics 4.0”. What are the key points of industry 4.0?


We talk about Smart Manufacturing which marks the development of intelligent factories: more performant, competitive, efficient.

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Forecast 2021 and orders for the first half of 2021

According to forecasts drawn up by Ucimu’s Centro Studi & Cultura di Impresa, production of machine tools, robots and automation is expected to grow by 10.9%, to EUR 5.7 billion. Exports, on the other hand, could reach 3.1 billion euro, 9.4% more than the previous year. Consumption will also grow by close to EUR 4 billion, or 10.9% more than in 2020. The liveliness of Italian demand will be a driving force for manufacturers’ deliveries, which are expected to grow to EUR 2.6 billion (+12.7%), and for imports, which are expected to stand at EUR 1.3 billion (+7.6%).

To understand the climate of confidence that has unfolded in these early months of the year, we can look at the order index for the first half of 2021. This figure shows the collection of orders on the domestic and foreign markets by Italian manufacturers. Given the production time of the machinery, the acquisition of these orders will be reasonably ‘calculated’ in the production-turnover of 2022. In the first half of 2021, the index increased by 88.2%. This was driven by the good feedback from manufacturers in both the domestic and foreign markets. In particular, domestic orders grew by 238% compared to the January-June 2020 period; foreign orders increased by 57.5% compared to H1 2020. These decidedly positive findings underline the climate of new-found confidence that Italian companies in the sector are increasingly noticing as the months go by. Having said that, the increases appear so decisive also because they compare with the period January-June 2020, which, in addition to the general reduction in activity due to the pandemic, includes a whole month (April) of a complete halt in activity due to the lockdown.

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