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Our Approach

Niche supports companies in development projects driven by research, development, and innovation so that their business growth plans are successful. Technological innovation, research, and development are fundamental business levers that ensure the achievement of high levels of competitiveness.

“Our working method allows us to offer a sustainable, long-term growth path for contexts of any size, from startups to large structured companies. We make available to our clients our skills and experience in technological innovation, finance, and European funds, and business development, always maintaining an approach oriented towards achieving results. We promote projects aimed at economic, environmental, social, energy, and digital sustainability.

We are committed to accompanying companies on a path of durable and sustainable growth over the long term. We provide not only tools but also ideas to implement research, development, and innovation projects. Our goal is to build ecosystems together that foster the sustainable growth of new products, services, and companies.


We study and propose innovative growth and development solutions, offering a customized path based on business needs, working in a structured, agile, and flexible manner.


For sustainable development, we study the sector, analyze its critical issues and potential, and propose a growth plan in line with the context and available company resources, seeking the best investments.


For us, this is the common denominator of every project, a cross-cutting aspect for business growth. It touches various areas and is essential for research, development, and innovation.

For each project, we research the latest innovations and apply those that bring the most benefit to the business context, considering financial sustainability.
Continuous Consulting

We support you in every phase of the development project: ideation and analysis, implementation and fund seeking, development of new technologies and application of innovations, monitoring and supervision."

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