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This emerges from a report published by Statista, according to which the big data market will grow by 568% compared to 2016. The spread of Covid-19 has pushed companies and institutions to increasingly adopt tools capable of monitoring in real time the number of infections and the overall numbers related to public health.
Seventy billion dollars. That’s the value of the Big Data market in the healthcare sector by 2025.

The growth rate is dizzying: 568% compared to 2016. The figures are provided by research published by Statista, a portal specialized in data analysis. The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly influenced the trend of the data market in the healthcare sector. This condition has indeed pushed companies and institutions to increasingly adopt tools capable of monitoring in real time the number of infections and the overall data related to public health. Italy, like other countries in the world, is facing another major challenge: the national mass vaccination campaign. Data, in this context, are fundamental, provided they are able to travel between different applications in such a way as to be validated, processed, and used.
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Stefano Musso, CEO of Primeur, an Italian multinational active in the data integration sector, has spoken about how to implement an effective data analysis strategy. “Detailed and accurate data related to the pandemic, he explains, are absolutely necessary for the implementation of a truly informed and aware decision-making process on public health. For this reason, flexible and easy-to-use computer tools are fundamental to ensure rapid integration and dissemination of data.”
“Unfortunately, Italy is facing difficulties with the vaccination campaign also due to some gaps in the digitalization of the Ssn and regional organization – continues Musso -. Often it is thought that a massive digitalization and the adoption of new technologies, necessary to provide health services efficiently and coordinated, inevitably go through a highly invasive and costly process. In reality, this is not always the case. It is not always necessary to focus on the provision of a new, central, and all-encompassing computer system, but on how to best use the localized systems already in place, allowing them to communicate with each other automatically and securely.”

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The value of online channels

In many sectors of the economy, online shopping channels are becoming more and more popular with consumers. This is a trend that was already apparent before the pandemic, and which has received a further boost with the Covid-19 crisis. Among the sectors that have experienced growth in this respect is certainly Health & Pharma.

The first figure to start with is a number: 18 million. This is the estimated number of people who, over the past twelve months, have purchased a Health & Pharma product online at least once. In practice, it is estimated that over the past year, more than 63% of the total number of purchasers of goods and services online in Italy have purchased products belonging to the Health & Wellness segment at least once. Furthermore, the estimated increase in the number of this type of purchaser compared to the previous year was about 6.5%.

Starting from these 18 million citizens who have made H&P purchases online, it is estimated that as many as 5.6 million of these (about 31% of this audience) are purchasers of products in the health and pharma segment that can be considered as ‘regular’ (considering as such those customers who have made at least 4 online purchases in the last 12 months). In this case, the year-on-year growth over 2020 was calculated to be +20.7%.

In 2021, the value realised by online purchases of products in the H&P segment is estimated to be EUR 1.5 billion, an increase of 43% compared to the value achieved in the previous twelve months. The average value of total purchases of health and pharmaceutical products in the year made online by a single buyer is therefore estimated at just over EUR 80, a figure that rises to EUR 112 if buyers are classified as regulars. The latter, despite being 31% of the total, generated 42% of the total purchases.

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