Thanks to the expertise of our team, we offer integrated consulting services to guide companies and organizations towards development through technological innovation.

We assist companies from various sectors in accessing funds and financing to invest in research, development, and innovation for digital and ecological transition processes.

Agri-food Sector
Despite the negative performance in 2020, the agri-food sector is one of the most important in Italy. We help you develop eco-sustainable practices and processes that focus on environmental sustainability and identify the best tools to finance your investments.

The Italian automotive sector directly generates a turnover of about 52 billion euros, 106 billion if indirect activities are also considered. The automotive industry is the leader in Research & Innovation investments. We help you recover funds for your technological transformation.
With over 10 billion euros, over 180,000 employees throughout the supply chain, and almost 100% export for its civil products, the Italian aeronautical industry operates in a global market and is fourth in Europe and seventh in the world. We promote the technological innovation of companies to increase their competitiveness, efficiency, and flexibility levels.

Seventy billion dollars. That’s the value of the Big Data market in the healthcare sector by 2025. We support you in investing in scientific research activities and the purchase of advanced medical technologies, facilitating your innovation and the transition to the 4.0 world.
In 2020, the Italian machine tool, robot, and automation construction industry recorded a sharp decline. The sector is regaining confidence and Italian companies are looking for new technologies as the driver to restart. Technological innovation has paved the way for the birth of Smart Factories.
Fashion and Textiles
Speed is a term that has often been associated with the fashion industry, from textiles to footwear, but the impact of Covid-19 has marked a reversal of the scenario, pushing acceleration towards other aspects. Deep tech fashion establishes itself as a driving force towards a new chapter in the fashion sector.

The food packaging sector is in excellent health, as confirmed by the data: production is growing, with increases of 3.1% by weight and 1.9% by value. We support companies in creating packaging that can improve the quality of products, extend their shelf life, and have a lower economic impact compared to the disposal costs of traditional packaging.

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