Blockchain and DLT technology

The growth of global trade has been a major factor of wealth in human history. Over the years, companies have overcome many difficulties, but many transactions and processes remain inefficient and, in particular, vulnerable. Blockchain has the potential to reduce friction in the market.

If Blockchain is implemented, a new science of “organization” will emerge. In Society 5.0, green (sustainability, circular economy, environmental resources) and digital, together, will activate a virtuous circle capable of satisfying the needs of economic systems and the environment. It revolutionizes the way industries and SMEs interact to give the country the impetus that increases job opportunities.

Blockchain is a record of transactions that can be any tangible or intangible data. The technology aims to change the way companies collaborate, share information, carry out transactions, and provide services.

At the Service of Companies


We identify the advantages that this technology can bring to the company with the aim of simplifying production processes, improving efficiency, and intervening in the transparency and security of operations.

Project Development
We develop a new strategy to be integrated into existing business processes. We create an initial project to start the implementation of the new technology by identifying opportunities, limits, and risks.
Application Realization

We assemble a development team to start your project. We follow you in every phase of the development process of implementing blockchain technology.

Why choose us


We activate increasingly advanced AI-based tools to obtain and manage interesting amounts and types of data that can generate a competitive advantage.


We design integrated technology solutions that connect and guide companies in a new way of thinking about processes to compete in an increasingly interconnected market.


Through 'proof of concept' we verify that our projects are feasible and sustainable by offering the appropriate financial instruments to support the project.


V-Block: the Blockchain platform

The V-Block project aims to foster the internationalisation of the Veneto region by supporting the protection of Made in Italy and the valorisation of typical products

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