We accompany your Startup in its growth path to make it a successful structured company. We target Italian start-ups with high technological potential and support them in identifying and obtaining various opportunities for facilitated funding, grants, and tenders, offering continuous consulting.

We understand your challenges and are dedicated to enhancing your entrepreneurial project. Thanks to our experience and technical expertise, we take care of managing bureaucratic procedures to free you from these activities so you can dedicate yourself to the development of your project.

At the Service of Companies

Public Funding Research
We assist startups in searching for the most suitable funding opportunities at the regional, national, and European levels, managing bureaucratic procedures.
Private Funding Research
We evaluate the investments necessary to develop the new activity, the available resources and those to be found, and propose the project to potential investors.
Business Model Analysis

We offer a process of evaluating the entrepreneurial project by exploring all aspects and outcomes of different possible strategic, organizational, financial, production, and commercial choices.

Why choose us


We build financial development strategies and carefully evaluate not only new development and growth opportunities but also the regulatory system.

Technical Analysis

The feasibility analysis of the project is crucial for integrating possible funding and guiding the start-up's development towards success.


We know the facilitation system and navigate through the various possibilities to support you along the way with tailor-made consultancy services.


Want to know how to get your start-up off the ground?