The Packaging Sector

The food packaging sector is in excellent health, as confirmed by data from the Italian Packaging Institute: production is growing, with increases of 3.1% by weight and 1.9% by value. In particular, plastic packaging is showing an increase of 5% by weight and 3% by value. The greater success of one material over another is determined by the complex regulations governing the sector: polyethylene and polypropylene, for example, which meet the strict requirements for materials that come into contact with food, are among the most used materials.
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We support investments in research and development of new materials for economically and ecologically sustainable projects.
We assist you in the search for innovative packaging to reduce both food and packaging waste and their impact on the environment.
We value projects that, thanks to innovative technologies, guarantee food safety and better environmental efficiency.

We support companies in creating packaging that can improve the quality of products, extend their shelf life, and have a lower economic impact compared to the disposal costs of traditional packaging.

Future challenges for the sector

Growth is driven by the rapid expansion of the out-of-home segment: the packaging of meals consumed away from home is growing by 1.2% per year. In addition to the quantitative dynamics, the constantly evolving standards of the sector are also helping to ensure growth in the quality of packaging solutions, which are called upon to meet the ever-increasing demands of waste reduction (this is what leads to the expansion of single-serving meals) and consequently better food preservation.

Environmental issues are also becoming increasingly important in this segment, with the European target of making all plastic packaging recyclable by 2030: another aspect that pushes companies to search for new materials and processes to be increasingly competitive and at the same time sustainable.

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